Our Content Management System, or CMS, helps overcome challenges of quick updates, brand consistency, technical knowhow and more. It is a comprehensive web publishing solution that empowers customers to update their content and manage the timing of their messages, not the delivery mechanism. Using a web browser and an internet connection, content managers can update the website content, images, and video at any time, from anywhere - all without the need for outside technical support. 

Site Settings
Our Content Management System puts you in control of your overall website search engine campaign by allowing you to create and modify your title, keywords, and description through the control panel settings.  Set this up once and it will update every page on your website with your search engine terms.

Primary Pages
Primary page editing lets you Add, Edit, and Remove content, image, links, and much more.  There are three tabs associated with each page: details, content, and SEO. Under the details tab, you can modify your page name and title. Under the content tab, you can manage all of the data on your website. Updating your content regularly is an important aspect to SEO. The SEO tab lets you create search engine campaigns for that specific page if desired. Once you modify the SEO for that page it will replace the SEO you created under the Site Settings.
If you have multiple news articles, events, or photo galleries displayed on your website, the Categories feature within our Content Management System will allow you to organize the items into groups and create dynamic sub pages. 
Banner Management
The CMS allows you to use a banner to decorate the header of any page or include an advertising feature. The Banner Management System allows you to update the image, banner name, or description and add a hyperlink to the image.
News Articles
With just a few clicks in our CMS, generate dynamic articles on the fly for news articles or posting events. The news article administration carries the option to link to a pdf and create a title and description or generate a full article. The full article section uses the same function as the Primary Page editing features.
Photo Gallery
 The photo gallery section of our Content Management System includes upload capability including name of image and a short description which can be used as an “alt tag” or just for display. The standard gallery uses a light box css application which opens a new window and blacks out the background.  If you chose, we can also customize the output of the gallery to fit your needs.
 This is just a quick way to post a note from a client. Of course everyone knows in small business it is good to have testimonials running on your site from satisfied customers.   
My Settings
The My Settings tab allows you to manage your login information, username, password, and email address associated with your CMS account.
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